April 18, 2014

"The New Lust"

People are in search of a new lust. As when one thinks of something that should be there but is not, people now thirst for a new undefined lust. The new passion, even if just reflecting our daring fantasies, still seems to present magnificent landscapes. In this way the future—from a distance—does not appear strange so much as feel rather like a cubist reality to us. Within this reality, though an [artistic] movement cannot yet be discerned, various styles of architecture and related underlying patterns—as in designs for upcoming world expositions—will likely catch the eye and stir new interests in the hearts of people in the world. Yet, until this time comes, I think we prefer to keep secret the "most scintillating areas" of our emotions. Now we sleep, lying low while designing new styles of architecture. So let us work together to constitute a design so as to bring together both those people who do not dream and those people who are full of aspiration.

(Hagiwara Sakutarō, Hagiwara Sakutarō zenshū, vol. 4. Tokyo: Chikuma Shobo, 1975, 13-14.)

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